If you have a visitor guide or entry form you'd like your users to view, a great way to display it visually is to add a link to an image. This way, when the user clicks on an image, they'll be taken to the PDF where they can view and download it. Click the image in the description here for an example.

Before reading through this guide we recommend that you've already read and practiced the steps in our Articles help guide. You should have already created your article and navigated to it so we'll start off with adding your image.

Part one: add your image

1. Place your cursor where you'd like to add your image and then click the 'Insert/Edit Image' icon

2. If you've already uploaded your image, choose your image from the media manager folders in the ‘File Browser’ section and skip to step 4

3. If you haven’t yet uploaded an image, click the ‘Upload’ button, then click 'Browse' and choose an image from your computer. Once done, click 'Upload'.

4. Make sure your image is selected and can be seen in the ‘Preview’ section and set an ‘Alternate Text’ that describes the image then click 'Insert'.

Part two: adding a link to your image

1. Click the image you've just added - it should turn blue.

2. Click the 'Insert/Edit Link' icon

3. In the URL field, click the 'Browse' icon

4. Find your PDF in the media manager (if you haven't already uploaded it, follow the steps in our media manager help guide to do so) and click it then click 'Insert'

5. Once you've inserted your PDF, you should see its URL appear in the URL field. From there, just set the 'Target' field to 'Open in new window'. Then click 'Insert'.

6. Save your article and you're done!

If you have any questions once you've followed these steps please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@impartmedia.com or give us a call on (07) 5668 2543