The Search Gadget

Simply put, this is the gadget that can "kick off" a search, generally found on a homepage and other generic pages.

The Region Gadget

This is the gadget that displays search results for all tourism operators of a specific category (i.e. accommodation/tours). Search results are either displayed as a direct result of search parameters entered via the Search Gadget, or due to default parameters set for when a guest lands directly on this page.

The Item Details and Cart Gadgets

The Item Details Gadget displays a tourism operator's specific product, and also allows the guest to add a product item to the shopping cart. As a result, the Item Details gadget requires the presence of the Cart Gadget, which is the gadget that can display items in a guest's shopping cart.

The Booking Gadget

This is the gadget that summarises a guest's cart items and allows them to finalise their sale by entering in their personal information and credit card details.

The Confirmation Gadget

If used, the Confirmation Gadget is a gadget that allows for the display of a a summary PDF and "thank you" messaging.