Business directories can be difficult to get the hang of. To make the process of creating these incredibly useful pages on your site as easy as possible, here are a few tips you should know.

1. Read through our help guide

If you haven't read through it already, our Business Directory Help Guide is a great place to start to learn the basics of setting up a business directory. It outlines the step by step process of getting everything set up within your Joomla console.

2. Make sure you've linked to the correct categories

Business directories will only show the operators with the categories that match the setup of that directory. You can determine whether your business directory is setup correctly by navigating to the menu item for that directory in Joomla and checking the 'Categories' tab. The category you've selected should match a category assigned to your operator. For example:

3. Run all three imports

If you've followed all the steps in our help guide and everything looks like it's set up correctly but you're still not seeing the correct operators on the page, you may need to run some imports. These imports will ensure that all the content required to display your operator on the page is properly stored within Joomla. There are three imports you'll need to run:

The Operator Import

  1. Navigate from the icon in the Control Panel when you first login
  2. Navigate from the main menu via Components > Operators
  3. Tick the box beside the operator, then click purge or just click purge in the purge column in the required operator’s row. The operator will be deleted from Joomla
  4. Click Import
  5. The operator will then be added back into Joomla with the new information

The Category Import

  1. Navigate to Components > Operators > Business Directory Categories
  2. Click Category Import

The Location Import

  1. Navigate to Components > Operators > Operator Locations
  2. Click Location Import