showAllAccom | showAllTours | showAllEvents should be applied to both the Region and Item Gadgets. This should be applied so in the scenario when a user visits an operator profile directly or further inspects an operator that does not have availability for all dates selected, they will not see the message: Sorry, no results match your search criteria. Please change your dates and options and try searching again.


This is nice customisable feature that allows you to modify the default 'Sold' term to something more enticing to promote more bookings. Terms such as Enquire | Request | or even the VIC's Contact Number are encouraged instead of the default.

Inline parameters

These are parameters that will enable the display of the operator's descriptions inline rather than a hover, which is far more mobile friendly and strongly encouraged. This would be a default feature, however cannot at present due to some clients' interpretation of the gadgets styling.


  • showRoomDetails: true
  • showRoomDetailsInline: true
  • showHoverInline: true


  • descriptionHovershow: true
  • hoverInline: true


At the Region Gadget level, you can apply a parameter that allows the user to view the operator's product on the same page rather than having to drill down to the Operator Profile and perhaps back again. When applied, and should the user select Book Now against the product itself, the user will bypass the Operator Profile altogether and be taken directly to the Booking Gadget, meaning reduced steps to actually make a reservation. If they want more information, the user can select the Operator Name and be taken to the Operator Profile as per the default process.