To ensure the site is designed to attract optimal viewing and maximise conversion rates, we encourage the following guidelines to the beGadget integration:

Search Gadget Positioning

Position the Search Gadget in a prominent position within the first fold of the homepage, ensuring a strong and clear 'call to action' Implement a Search Gadget on most if not all pages within your site (this should always be within the first fold of the page to attract action).

Styling the beGadgets

Ensure the beGadgets are styled to best complement your site's theme (I.e. filters pane, action buttons, styling, borders, colour palette, etc) to provide a seamless experience for your users.

Display All Bookable Product

The 'showAll' parameters should be enabled as a default to both the REGION and ITEM Gadgets. Specifically showAllAccom | showAllTours | showAllEvents. This will display the operators' product regardless of availability to entice consumers to continue searching and generate more bookings. Having these applied will also ensure that users will not see the message: "Sorry, no results match your search criteria. Please change your dates and options and try searching again."

Default Sort Order

Default the Results Gadget's sort order to 'Instant'. I.e. Gold Operators over Request Based. This will entice real-time bookings from your consumers, and will entice your Operators to transition from '24hr' to 'Instant'.

Remove Operator Contact Information

Operator Profiles should not display the Operator PHONE | EMAIL | WEBSITE details if they have bookable product. Doing so is proven to be a large hindrance for a destination to generate online bookings. If required, we strongly suggest these details require an action to prompt their display.

Complete Operator Pages

Ensure the operator pages are clear, informative, and have the Item Details Gadget located in a prominent position on the page, as with operator imagery (which is a proven feature to selling more). We also advise that you load SEO friendly URLS Eg. and avoid having URL's like

Default Nights

Set your site's default search nights to 3, 5 or 7 depending on how they render. This produces a 'grid view' that is deemed industry common. Doing so should entice longer stays, as well as generate more bookings due to increased transparency.

Responsive Gadgets

Mobile browser width needs to be fixed for all search results to avoid visitors needing to scroll horizontally.

Avoid Duplications

Be wary of other elements such as 'Site Search' and 'Business Directories' when integrating the booking engine. It is imperative to avoid duplicate Operator Profiles and ensure a seamless user experience.


To ensure the beGadgets propagate on your website, ensure that you redirect your website's non-www domain URL to the www domain URL (or vice versa, depending on which domain URL version you have been provisioned a beGadget Authorisation Key for). For example, if beDigital has provisioned a beGadget Authorisation Key for, ensure that you redirect to If you don't, then anyone landing on the version of your website will not see the beGadgets displayed and will be unable to make bookings. This will also assist your website's SEO and search engine indexing.