There is one special piece of javascript recognised by the gadgets, which you can include in your website. This script is optional. When it is included, it has the effect of overriding the default URLs for each operator page, with custom URLs that you define.

The script must be implemented externally to, and before, the Region Gadget initialisation. If you want to completely override the default syntax for the URLs for the products, you must define a global variable called BE_gadgetURLOverrides. This is an object with each Bookeasy operator ID expressed as a key, and the corresponding URL as the value. Example syntax for this option is shown below.

var BE_gadgetURLOverrides = {
  10138: '',
  25480: '',
  25481: ''

The *above* script must be placed BEFORE all other gadget scripts, including the main gadgets script and your initialisation script:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  $w(function() {
..... ETC .....

Please also note that the BE_gadgetURLOverrides is only required on Region Gadget pages - you do not need to include it on all pages of your site.