Bookeasy reserves the right to review all integrations before they are published live. Once you feel the development has been completed, please submit the certification form.

Your beGadget integration must be fully completed and ready to be released live before requesting certification; any outstanding issues with the beGadgets will prevent certification from being provided.

Major requirements for beGadget certification are as follows:

  1. Operator pages MUST include both item and operator details. This can be done by calling the Bookeasy SJP (recommended) or utilising the Operator Gadget. Information on this integration can be found here and an example can be viewed here
  2. Test booking MUST have been made
  3. Use of all recommended gadget parameters
  4. Inclusion of site wide cart link
  5. Positioning/ access to Search Gadget on home page
  6. Gadgets are fully mobile responsive

Further requirements can be found on our Implementation page.